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Is journalism thriving or dying?

Newspaper revenue has collapsed (see chart). No surprise. Employment is down only slightly in the past few decades. Surprise. That’s because organizations (or journalists themselves) are doing more with less, as Steve Myers points out on Poynter. Tools continue to evolve rapidly to give journalists more ammunition to create startups and compete with entrenched media […]

What’s killing newspapers? Newsrooms

The last two mornings, I’ve arisen before sunrise, I shuffled out into the chill, damp air and seen the most amazing sight in front of our garage: a pig…. …with lipstick. I have heard about pigs with lipstick; read about pigs with lipstick but until this morning had never seen a pig with lipstick. In […]

Media, heal thyself

Leave it to someone with the pen name “detonater” to speak truth to power. “Detonater” weighed in on a San Francisco Chronicle story this morning reporting on a “future of media” summit in Berkeley. Author James Temple’s take was this: Rapidly advancing technology may be to blame for the news industry’s present predicament, but the […]

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