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Journalism Jobs: The Digital Sweatshop

For those looking for journalism jobs, consider this from David Rohde, writing for Reuters, on the passing of New York Times columnist Anthony Lewis and the need for inspirational journalism: The long-awaited surge in digital revenues for news organizations appears unlikely to materialize, particularly for newspapers. Since 2003, total newspaper print ad revenues have fallen […]

The world’s most dogged industry

The newspaper industry is nothing if not dogged. It’s been savaged by multiple IEDs on Evolutionary Road–the Internet, mobile phones, video, podcasts, two major recessions in 10 years–and it’s still alive. Sure, Lee Enterprises, which owns the St. Louis Post Dispatch, filed for bankruptcy this week, but those stories seem to come less frequently these […]

Salon, The Daily Beast and the medium of ideas is the latest online magazine to gasp for air like handcuffed Jack in one of the last scenes of “Titanic.” It’s a fine publication that’s been bleeding red for years, and The Wall Street Journal reports today that it’s looking for some oxygen or Rose with a hacksaw. Whatever. It’s the latest in a […]

Has the advertising free-fall slowed?

Don’t break out the Champagne just yet, but signs are emerging that perhaps the advertising collapse for newspapers and magazines is slowing and leveling off. Still, publications have a long way to go to get with the program. The Wall Street Journal reported this week: A year-end flurry of ad spending helped moderate steep declines […]

The Future of News (is “pretty clear”)

Summary: The future of news needs not only to leverage all of us but it needs to be visual. Say what you will, but the kid’s timing is impeccable. On a day that saw news break that newspaper circulation continues its freefall (nowhere faster than my hometown newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle -25%) and a […]

Micropayments are macro-b.s.

The headline is amusing in and of itself: Google Plans Tools to Help News Media Charge for Content Miguel Helft, otherwise clear-eyed reporter for the New York Times, writes deadpan: Google is planning to roll out a system of micropayments within the next year and hopes that newspapers will use it as they look for […]

Old media, new technology and the tyranny of age

Summary: Sometimes established media shows its age and biases with breathtaking clarity. Media plays a key (if fading, alas) role as cultural skeptic, but increasingly it appears out of step with technology advances that imperil media’s traditional model. The farther it falls the behind, the more it imperils its important role. I felt this way […]

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