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My New Year’s Blogging Resolution

It’s simple: Suck less. A lot of things happened in 2009, but one of the most important to me was I switched blogging platforms for Greeley’s Ghost from Blogger to WordPress. (Tip of the cap to Dean Rodgers, Portland, Ore., PR pro and author of the Koifish blog who tipped the balance for me on […]

Good bye to all that

Should old acquantaince be forgot? Absolutely. To 2009 and the decade of the 2000s? Drop dead. We always give thanks this time of year, this time of reflection. And I seem to be tracking with the mainstream who believe that 2009 was awful and that the decade just ended (although technically not for another year) […]

Two out of three ain’t bad

My choice of women is a lot better than my choice of careers. Eric Savitz from Barron’s warns this week that his career advice is to stay away from chip making, wired phone service and newspapers. Nice! I have had the pleasure of being in two of those three industries. In fact, earlier this decade […]

Tipping Point for the Gig Economy?

Summary: The latest unemployment figures and related commentary suggest the economy is recovering far faster than the jobs will. What’s on the other side is a new workforce. But we won’t get there from without a complete re-assessment of the role, definition and value of “labor.” The national numbers tell us bleakly that more people […]


The Rocky Mountain News was closed this week, another tragedy on a trail of tears. It’s worth watching this wonderful self-tribute the News published and remember that this video report, well produced and evocative, is a prime example of newspapers can do, report the story regardless of medium. Final Edition from Matthew Roberts on Vimeo.

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