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‘The Scarecrow’ ad: An epic, cynical story?

Gawker calls it “amazing.” Others call it haunting. It’s the Chipotle ‘Scarecrow’ ad (4.5 million people have viewed it and searches for “The Scarecrow” are trending big time). Take a listen and then read on: ‘The Scarecrow’ is beautifully done, a little long, but compelling. But what strikes me is the underlying cynicism of a […]

Fish or cut bait

Years ago, Girish Mhatre or Steve Weitzner (one of those eminences grise in the e B:B journalism business) told story about the co-founder of CMP, Gerry Leeds. Leeds, years into the successful expansion of the company he founded with his wife, Lilo, would wander into his newsrooms and scan the stories being readied for his […]

Do it right or go home

These are my New Year’s resolutions for electronics B:B marketing: 1. Get some new threads. You spent scads of money in the past decade sprucing up your sites from the awkward, pigeon-toed beginnings of the 1990s to something close to Web 2.0. The site consultants said “it’s all about your products.” You took the advice […]

The rewiring of our brains

Are our brains going haywire? There’s been a lot of buzz about the latest weigh-in on the gadget-addiction theme: The New York Times’ piece Sunday Hooked on Gadgets, Paying a Mental Price. Scientists say juggling e-mail, phone calls and other incoming information can change how people think and behave. They say our ability to focus […]

Where the editors are

The great editorial diaspora is yielding some interesting stories. While there’s still plenty of pain out there among seasoned reporters and editors who have lost their jobs in the big meltdown, many are finding their way. They’re finding their way into marketing, communications and vendor-as-publisher roles where their editorial sense is keenly valued. My old […]

Is PR broken?

Every few months we find a major blogger throwing down on the PR industry, some constructively, others destructively. Michael Arrington weighed in yesterday, saying “PR as a profession is broken.” Then Marshall Kirkpatrick, who usually writes with a cooler head, suggests that good technology speaks for itself and doesn’t really need PR. Most of these […]

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