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Tiger Woods’ Branding Problem

Does Tiger Woods have a branding problem or do brands have a Tiger Woods problem?  The Woods story will be one of the most important lessons in brand management in recent years simply because everything is so outsized: Woods as a personality and pitchman is big; the brands are big; the infidelity story is salacious. […]

What’s killing newspapers? Newsrooms

The last two mornings, I’ve arisen before sunrise, I shuffled out into the chill, damp air and seen the most amazing sight in front of our garage: a pig…. …with lipstick. I have heard about pigs with lipstick; read about pigs with lipstick but until this morning had never seen a pig with lipstick. In […]

Gourmet magazine’s death and the wisdom of crowds

Summary: The tenets of matching audience to publication or “content” don’t change. The lesson of Gourmet magazine’s demise is that you shift your content away from your core audience at your own peril. My initial reaction to the shuttering of 68-year-old Gourmet magazine was simply to shake my head. How do advertisers turn their backs […]

The Future of Media-Toothpaste Edition

Can we put the toothpaste back in the tube? Two great opinion pieces I read over the weekend raised that question in my pointy little head. Kevin Morris, of FPGA Journal, and Peter Kann, former publisher of The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones chairman, weigh in from slightly different perspectives on the devolution of […]

Where’s the media?

I have a unique perch these days: I blog here and other places and am now building a community/social media strategy at Numetrics. I straddle the worlds of media and publicity/marketing, which is not a dull place to be. I’m a big proponent of vendor-as-publisher strategies, and I’ll write more about what we’re doing at […]

DAC, EDA and the Unbearable Lightness of Blogging

Summary: The Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry may be dead (or dormant) but its communications strategies aren’t. Engineer- and corporate-bloggers are finding their way very quickly through the evolving social media world. I pulled up to the Moscone Center for the 46th DAC this week and thought for a moment I was at the wrong […]

The Changing Media Landscape at DAC

Arguably the highlight of this year’s Design Automation Conference (#46, if you’re counting and arguably the first “social media” DAC) was a program put together by Synopsys (kudos to Karen Bartleson, Rick Jamison and Yvette Huygen) called Conversation Central. It had a series of kitchen-table talks from engineer-bloggers and media folks on the changing nature […]

Out of Joost

Joost, the online video-sharing service founded by Skype founders Nik Zennstrom and Janus Friis, pulled the plug on its original business model. The company, according to The Wall Street Journal, said it would reinvent itself as a whitebox technology provider for companies wanting to publish Internet video under their own brands (Hmm…. no first-mover advantage […]

The Future of Newspapers–Spreadsheet Edition

Really interesting piece from Peter Kafka in All Things Digital today in which he talks with CEO Mark Josephson. Josephson shares some spreadsheet numbers on a model of a future city newspaper. It can work. It will have a smaller staff and no printing press, but Josephson argues it can work. I buy his […]


The Rocky Mountain News was closed this week, another tragedy on a trail of tears. It’s worth watching this wonderful self-tribute the News published and remember that this video report, well produced and evocative, is a prime example of newspapers can do, report the story regardless of medium. Final Edition from Matthew Roberts on Vimeo.

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