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It’s about content and packaging; yes, it’s that simple

As the recession chokes off more publications, companies are having to confront something they’re not culturally ready for: Being their own publishers.Many get the importance of vendor-as-publisher in the overall communications mix, but execution is poor and will continue to be until those legions of laid-off journalists make their way into corporation communications departments. In […]

Language, Hope and Obama’s Muse

In an extraordinary piece in today’s Wall Street Journal, Lee Siegel pulls quote from an older Time magazine piece. In it, President-elect Obama reflects on a portait of Lincoln he had hanging in his office: “In it, Lincoln’s face is as finely lined as a pressed flower. He appears frail, almost broken; his eyes, averted […]

Feature writing 101

One of the finest articles I’ve read in some time hit a week ago in the Sunday New York Times Magazine. David Carr is a culture critic for The Times and his cover story was titled “Me and My Girls.” Where does a junkie’s time go? Mostly in 15-minute increments, like a bug-eyed Tarzan, swinging […]

Five ways to build a great media outlet

1. Don’t buy a printing press.2. Stay offline unless you’re posting/publishing your scoops.3. Don’t use email more than once a day, and even then, make it brief.4. Don’t spend any time reading analysts’ reports.5. PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE. CALL AS MANY PEOPLE AN HOUR AS YOU CAN AND TALK TO THEM. DO THIS ALL […]

The decline of culture–part 863

Television viewership is down in the wake of the writer’s strike, according to the Associated Press today. That would be fantastic news were it not for the fact that the Web is supplanting those habits (and TV networks are happily obliging them). So video-programming viewership really isn’t down; watching the Tube while drooling on yourself […]

Give Twitter a (second) chance

I signed up for Twitter some months ago to learn about it first-hand. It’s mildly interesting as a sort-of global IM system; more intriguing as a community-builder; and really distracting once you set your mobile phone to interact with it. That took some time. Each time I tried to register my Crackberry to send SMS […]

What’s a writer to do?

We know newspapers are struggling. It’s gotten so bad that Steve Outing at Editor & Publisher has canceled his local newspaper subscription, which he details this week.Magazines are taking a hit these days just as their daily newspaper brethren. Newsweek. Time. And those are publications that are still in business.The New York Observer publishes a […]

Our Web addiction

I started this blog post the other day in my old-fashioned notebook; Lee Gomes finished it for me today. It started like this: Sometimes I just want to delete every digital thing I participate in. I want to sit in the quiet of my evenings, with a kerosene lamp, a fountain pen and a notebook […]

The value of free

Wired Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson is getting a little play this week because of some buzz over his forthcoming book, which he hasn’t titled but has said it’s loosely called “Freeconomics,” set for release next year. (Not to be confused with the very entertaining book “Freakonomics.”) Anderson is giving himself a little pre-publishing lift by dedicating […]

The joy of books

We had a feature in the house I grew up in that I have not seen in any other house I’ve ever visited. My old man had a dictionary in our dining room, which functioned as a family room as well. That we had a dictionary isn’t remarkable, but he put ours on a small […]

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