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Fish or cut bait

Years ago, Girish Mhatre or Steve Weitzner (one of those eminences grise in the e B:B journalism business) told story about the co-founder of CMP, Gerry Leeds. Leeds, years into the successful expansion of the company he founded with his wife, Lilo, would wander into his newsrooms and scan the stories being readied for his […]

About those emailed holiday greetings…

I’ll admit: I’ve come full circle. Fifteen years ago or so, I wondered aloud why so many PR agencies and companies still sent, through the U.S. Postal Service, holiday greeting cards. In those days we still got barrels-full of snail mail every day, and the far more efficient and green email was just beginning to […]

Salon, The Daily Beast and the medium of ideas is the latest online magazine to gasp for air like handcuffed Jack in one of the last scenes of “Titanic.” It’s a fine publication that’s been bleeding red for years, and The Wall Street Journal reports today that it’s looking for some oxygen or Rose with a hacksaw. Whatever. It’s the latest in a […]

In search of the blogging voice

Loring Wirbel (Icono-Curmudgeon-Clast) has a characteristically insightful post today that speaks to social media and the role of the blogger’s voice. It references My New Year’s Blogging Resolution about changing frequency and length of posts. He uses it as a lever to talk about the larger issue of self-marketing SEO. In a word, he argues, […]

My New Year’s Blogging Resolution

It’s simple: Suck less. A lot of things happened in 2009, but one of the most important to me was I switched blogging platforms for Greeley’s Ghost from Blogger to WordPress. (Tip of the cap to Dean Rodgers, Portland, Ore., PR pro and author of the Koifish blog who tipped the balance for me on […]

E-Reader mania and the death and rebirth of books

The gift-giving buzz this year is all about e-readers, which in the short run will wind up like so many Razor Scooters, but in the long run will turn out in the long run to be very useful devices. In the meantime, the disruption the very thought of this platform is causing is intriguing. Rupert […]

What’s old is new again

Summary: In a world of endless content creation and virtually unlimited storage capacity, there’s an enormous opportunity to repurpose existing content and make it compelling. A few weeks back I wrote (in “The Future of News (is Pretty Clear)”) about Cody Brown of NYU and his compelling essay about the future of news and his […]

The Simple Life of Weaving Spiders

In the human world, we tend to engage in a mad scramble for something; sometimes we know what it is; other times not so much, but we know it’s out there and it requires a lot of hard work on our part. Nature and its demonstrations never cease to bring this into stark relief for […]

Flippin’ interesting

I’m of two minds about Google. On the one hand, its business model has eviscerated my first love, commercial journalism. On the other hand, I love what Google does. Yes, it’s supplanted Microsoft in the popular hate-o-sphere, but let’s be honest: What they give us is free, interoperable, useful and usually fantastic. So, in that […]


The Rocky Mountain News was closed this week, another tragedy on a trail of tears. It’s worth watching this wonderful self-tribute the News published and remember that this video report, well produced and evocative, is a prime example of newspapers can do, report the story regardless of medium. Final Edition from Matthew Roberts on Vimeo.

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