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DAC, EDA and the Unbearable Lightness of Blogging

Summary: The Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry may be dead (or dormant) but its communications strategies aren’t. Engineer- and corporate-bloggers are finding their way very quickly through the evolving social media world. I pulled up to the Moscone Center for the 46th DAC this week and thought for a moment I was at the wrong […]

The Changing Media Landscape at DAC

Arguably the highlight of this year’s Design Automation Conference (#46, if you’re counting and arguably the first “social media” DAC) was a program put together by Synopsys (kudos to Karen Bartleson, Rick Jamison and Yvette Huygen) called Conversation Central. It had a series of kitchen-table talks from engineer-bloggers and media folks on the changing nature […]

Social media marketing’s rising impact in the engineering world

Perhaps because I blather on about it, Suzanne Defree at EDN asked me to write a piece about what’s going on regarding social media marketing in the electronics engineering world. She posted the story last week, and I haven’t had a chance to call it out because I was out of the country (Costa Rica, […]

Managing the Chaos of Twitter: Real-time Search

The more you get into Twitter, presumably the more people you follow. This quickly becomes a scaling problem as hundreds, if not thousands of messages can stream through your feed throughout a given day. If you’re like most people, you may check Twitter once a day. You see the top few tweets but to go […]

The Bloom is off the Twitter Rose…Finally

You’re probably familiar with those great time-to-market-saturation charts that pop up in PowerPoint presentations every so often. It took, for example, a number of decades for the telephone to penetrate the majority of homes; fewer decades for the radio, fewer still for TVs, VCRs, and cell phones. The same might be applied to social media […]

Analog Devices Gets More Digital

Summary: Analog Devices today unveiled a new social-media community for its customers, Engineer Zone, designed to drive conversation about digital signal processor (DSP) technologies and products. Analog Devices is an old-line semiconductor company that’s starting to get more serious about new media. Today the company unveiled a new social media community built on the Jive […]

Social Media Webinar Recap

We didn’t solve major problems or part the seas, but we took a stab at starting a conversation about social media strategies, particularly in the B:B space Tuesday night. You can check out the archived version of our Webinar here. It involved my old EE Times colleague Steve Paul, longtime editor and Red Sox fan […]

The case for trusted content sources

Summary: Marketing departments are doing their best to figure out how to leverage social media and that’s putting major strain on ethics in an age where influential bloggers, tweeters and the like can be bought. Ultimately, good companies want independent and ethical b.s. filters for their messages. Really. It’s an old story: Reporter-writer accepts free […]

Is PR broken?

Every few months we find a major blogger throwing down on the PR industry, some constructively, others destructively. Michael Arrington weighed in yesterday, saying “PR as a profession is broken.” Then Marshall Kirkpatrick, who usually writes with a cooler head, suggests that good technology speaks for itself and doesn’t really need PR. Most of these […]

Back in the saddle

After a month’s hiatus, I’m back in the sturdy saddle of employment, working as senior vice president for Blanc and Otus in San Francisco, with a focus on building out the agency’s new media practice. So far (I started just this past week), it’s a great gig working with great people and trying to figure […]

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