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Old days

Week in Automotive Electronics (Oct. 8-15, 2012)

Upheaval at Better Place; Audi PHEV slideshow; Ford leverages carbon fiber; Renault, HP in cloud deal. Storified by Brian Fuller · Tue, Oct 09 2012 14:04:27 #0 · daita NEWS/TRENDS Battery-infrastructure company ousts swashbuckling CEO SAN FRANCISCO–Shai Agassi, the swashbuckling entrepreneur who envisioned the world as a better place with his battery-swapping infrastru… What Agassi’s […]

The more things change…

All you need to do in this exercise is replace newspaper or journal with digital or social feed. Check it out and then guess what decade this was published. “Our newspapers are overwhelmed with material that is of no importance. The obvious remedy for this would be more intelligent direction in the collection of news, […]

The boy on the bike

[View the story “Goodbye to the Boy on the Bike” on Storify]

What it’s come to

So this is what it’s come to in the era of digital newspapers. This is a shot of a newsstand containing issues of the once-competitive Santa Clara County Times and the San Jose Mercury News. Notice anything different? They’re the same front-pages, same stories, same advertisements. San Mateo County and Santa Clara County abut each […]

Fish or cut bait

Years ago, Girish Mhatre or Steve Weitzner (one of those eminences grise in the e B:B journalism business) told story about the co-founder of CMP, Gerry Leeds. Leeds, years into the successful expansion of the company he founded with his wife, Lilo, would wander into his newsrooms and scan the stories being readied for his […]

War of the Worlds (journalism edition)

Get ready for robo-reporters. Not in a decade; not in a few years but now. Steven Levy writes in a recent Wired article that a company that burst forth from the loins of one of the country’s great j-schools, Medill at Northwestern, has a product that creates narrative stories out of data. Narrative Science, for […]

The week in media, April 2-8

April 2 Share Which Countries Jail the Most Journalists Per Capita? Subscribe to the Columbia Journalism Review at our special Web rates. I'm not sure where these figures come from, but for Turkey (eig… Cjr Share #vintage #old #paris #france #newspapers from a #streetvendor. #collectors #literature #history -Photo by @lauralam lauralam Wed, Apr 04 2012 […]

News organizations’ cultural paralysis

PaidContent’s Staci Kramer took a deep dive into the much-discussed Project for Excellence in Journalism study that shows among other things that news organizations are losing $7 for every $1 gained in digital revenue. A sobering but not new statistic. (See other interesting media stories in the Week in Media post). What’s surprising–and what Kramer […]

Is journalism thriving or dying?

Newspaper revenue has collapsed (see chart). No surprise. Employment is down only slightly in the past few decades. Surprise. That’s because organizations (or journalists themselves) are doing more with less, as Steve Myers points out on Poynter. Tools continue to evolve rapidly to give journalists more ammunition to create startups and compete with entrenched media […]

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