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Tipping Point for the Gig Economy?

Summary: The latest unemployment figures and related commentary suggest the economy is recovering far faster than the jobs will. What’s on the other side is a new workforce. But we won’t get there from without a complete re-assessment of the role, definition and value of “labor.” The national numbers tell us bleakly that more people […]

The Gig Economy-Part 3

I started writing about the Gig Economy some months ago when the fates waved their wands and directed me to consulting and freelance. That changed dramatically this week when I sat down in a new cube down the Silicon Valley to run communications, community and social media for a specialized software company called Numetrics. While […]

The Gig Economy-Part 2

In the Gig Economy, we’re all consultants. Tom Foremski humorously alludes to this in a very insightful piece on the PR business, which seems to be being disaggregated by the day. I get the feeling, though, that it’s going to be more than a short-term fix, a bridge to the next growth spurt, as leaning […]

The Gig Economy

I first heard it from editor, friend and colleague Jackie Damian last year: The Gig Economy. A nice, tight description for what upwards of 10 million Americans find themselves today: underemployed.On the one hand, it’s the direct result of the mortgage/banking/lending/politics/governing meltdown that hit its stride last fall.On the other hand, though, this has been […]

5 reasons why live video news will never be the same

With the advent of streaming, live video news is cheap and ubiquitous but no one is sure what to do with it. Established TV companies like ABC must decide how the era of internet streams meshes with their traditional broadcasting model. Meanwhile, upstarts like the Huffington Post are cranking out reams of video streams without […]

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