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Going down the road

Posted on | May 30, 2013 | No Comments

Yeah, moving on again.

If you’re read Bob Jones’ post at Publitek, Lou Covey’s, or caught a few social-media updates in the past few weeks, you’re hip to the news that I left UBM Tech and the EBN editor-in-chief role for the role of editor-in-chief at Cadence, the EDA giant. photo


Yep. Five years ago I went from the editor-in-chief role at EE Times to Blanc & Otus to run social media and content creation. Then, it turned out to be a place and time that wasn’t ready for content creation.

But what’s happened in the past five years has accelerated the trend of companies getting on the content-creation bandwagon (what’s now called “content marketing”). Cadence is a billion-dollar company that’s down the road a bit on its own content-creation strategy, pioneered by my colleague Richard Goering (who also left UBM at the same time in 2007) and Steve Leibson, ex-EDN EIC, now at Xilinx as director of strategic marketing.

Shifting landscape

Today, too, we see a different publishing landscape. UBM Tech reorganized in April and pushed its chips squarely into the section of the table labeled “events and community.” Paul Miller has been moving the company in that direction for many years now. He does it not because he wants to but because he has to. Publishing companies that have not evolved rapidly in the past 5-10 years have died or simply stagnated (if they were lucky).

Some bemoan the fact that Miller killed print. Steve Weitzner killed print at Ziff-Davis Enterprise years ago. The fact of the matter is, advertisers have walked away from print for years. For a few years, that was a tragedy because readers didn’t. They stayed. They loved it. They were loyal. But they were a passing generation.

Even today, at a marketing event in Phoenix I attended, there were people talking about trying to find viable print outlets for their stories.


You want THAT audience? You want zero measurable ROI? I’d double-check the wall calendar if I were you.

Change management

Humans don’t do change well. Those who anticipate it usually find themselves a little too far ahead of the adoption curve and that has its own problems. Many refuse to come to grips with it until it’s too late.

I got into journalism a long time ago because I could write, and write a lot. I soon found out I loved talking to people and teasing information from them they might not ordinarily surrender…the stuff that makes up great stories. And journalism, even with all its warts, was a noble pursuit.

Today is not then. None of us should aspire to be harness makers and leather tanners with facilities down the road from the Henry Ford’s first factory.

This applies not only to journalists but to communications professionals, marketers and sales people. All these jobs are changing radically before your eyes.

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