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Electric vehicles timeline 2011

Googleusercontent December 20, 2011 9:32:17 PM EST JANUARY Ford Supercharges Electric Vehicle Plan, Unveiling New C-MAX Energi And C-MAX Hybrid Products – TheStreet Page 6 of 6 on . Thestreet Jan. 14 Electric Cars Steal The Spotlight At Auto Show : NPR NPR Jan. 20 Electric and hybrid cars: One size will not fit all […]

The world’s most dogged industry

The newspaper industry is nothing if not dogged. It’s been savaged by multiple IEDs on Evolutionary Road–the Internet, mobile phones, video, podcasts, two major recessions in 10 years–and it’s still alive. Sure, Lee Enterprises, which owns the St. Louis Post Dispatch, filed for bankruptcy this week, but those stories seem to come less frequently these […]

About those emailed holiday greetings…

I’ll admit: I’ve come full circle. Fifteen years ago or so, I wondered aloud why so many PR agencies and companies still sent, through the U.S. Postal Service, holiday greeting cards. In those days we still got barrels-full of snail mail every day, and the far more efficient and green email was just beginning to […]

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