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How to build audience engagement from scratch

The fundamental difference between media now and media 15 years ago is proximity and data. The rise of digital publishing put readers in touch with reporters instantly via comments. The feedback loop was squeezed immensely; in some cases, it tightened like a noose around the necks of reporters and editors too siloed to listen to […]

Are you nuts?

Yes. We’re driving a Chevy Volt across country, starting in July. Our YouTube video below gives you a little of the backstory. In short, we want to celebrate innovation in electronics and got a fantastic, visionary sponsor to foot the bill. For me, this represents not only a truly epic road trip but a fantastic […]

The Ghost is back!

Greeley’s Ghost, many of you noticed, was down for some time. Why? Because I’m an idiot. My Go Daddy hosting account sends messages to an account I rarely read and I missed the renewal. This cost me loads of dollars, because we had to rebuild the database. Thankfully, there are guys like David Naylor, who […]

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