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Do it right or go home

Posted on | January 7, 2011 | 1 Comment

These are my New Year’s resolutions for electronics B:B marketing:

1. Get some new threads. You spent scads of money in the past decade sprucing up your sites from the awkward, pigeon-toed beginnings of the 1990s to something close to Web 2.0. The site consultants said “it’s all about your products.” You took the advice to heart. Now a lot of your sites are dressed up like drunk golfers fighting for sweater bargains at a church swap meet. It’s time to rethink your wardrobe.You have nothing to lose because for the most part your traffic’s stagnated (let’s be honest).

2. Take social media seriously or don’t waste your time. Everybody’s on Twitter. Yay! (Not!) Our eyes started bleeding the 103rd time you posted a link to yet another press release or your blog that conveniently stated the design problem in the context of your solutions! It’s social. Give us some personality. Show that you get it’s not a one-way street. Get involved with other voices. Retweet a lot. Put your back into it! The EDA crowd is generally on the ball (Karen, Joe, et al, take a bow); the IC folks need to learn from you (notable exceptions include Paula and Lori-Kate, who got it intuitively from the start).

Why is this important? Because while there’s a minority of engineers engaging in social media, there’s an opportunity (particularly with younger EEs) to build brand and respect by being social, conversational and honest. It’s a way, frankly, that companies can put a different face forward to their audience, an audience that is naturally skeptical of anything on your Web site.

Bob Leonard’s post on Ascellerant’s site has some excellent insights on the issue.

Fifteen years ago, everyone in our industry poo-poohed “the internet” and look where we are now. Social media and its principles are on the same ramp. As an industry, we may never have the social experience that software or other industries have. That’s OK.

But if you’re going to do social media, do it right.

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One Response to “Do it right or go home”

  1. Matthew Quint
    January 8th, 2011 @ 11:44 am

    I agree with you. If chip makers are going to use social media, the content can’t consist straight product pitches. Social media should be an extension of the collegial exchange of information that sells chips in the first place.

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