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What’s up with EE Times and EDN?

Posted on | November 24, 2010 | No Comments

Now that the merger between UBM and Canon Communications is final, we can start to field the questions about what’s up at EE Times and EDN, the latter of which was acquired by Canon earlier this year.

Since the deal was first announced, there was some hand-wringing that suggested that the EE Times Group (now called UBM Electronics), which gets the publishing part of the Canon publishing and events business, would fold EDN, a venerable design magazine that some have used as a way to keep ad rates in check. No dice.

“We are not closing EDN. Period,” EE Times Group CEO Paul Miller says. “It’s one of the best brands in the business.”

We have an editorial task force underway of EET and EDN folks examining all our various moving parts to see, among other things, what branding works properly with what type of content.


In short, you will see “heads-up” content (what’s going on in the world around me?) continue under the EE Times banner and heads-down content (what do I need to do to do my design job) fall under the EDN brand.

Paul talked briefly about this recently with Bob Jones at Publitek and earlier this year in an interview with Lou Covey.

Other worries I’ve heard? The dreaded “M” (monopoly) word. B.S.

There’s plenty of competition. Penton still exists. Bill Barron at Hearst has plenty of tricks up his sleeve and just hired my partner in crime, Patrick Mannion, away this week. That competition is going to be a blast. Then there are a number of other publications, John Blyler and Ed Sperling, at Chip Design and Sperling Media Group. There is an emerging group of engineer-bloggers as well. All excellent voices, great content.

There’s the continuing disruption of the Internet that can give rise to new publishers almost overnight. And then there’s Google, the big dog.

So monopoly? Hardly.

Possibilities? Endless

The thing about this merger that gets me pumped up is thinking about the implications for the reader. The existing content and the combined editorial firepower are just staggering to me. Brian Dipert, Suzanne Defree, Margery Conner, Paul Rako, Loring Wirbel, Rick Nelson and more. Broad, deep, global, multi-media in the purest sense of the word.

The devil is always in the details, but I see an electronics B:B publishing landscape in just a few years that was unimaginable a few months ago.

In fact (bold words here), I see the larger B:B publishing world watching this merger closely in the coming months. The electronics industry’s publishing arm was given up for dead at one point, but it has spent the last 10 years reorganizing itself amid changing business realities; other B:B sectors and their publishing partners are just now entering that period. They’ll be watching because what we do will signal a lot about the future of what’s suddenly a very interesting business again.

Stay tuned and happy Thanksgiving!

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