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Social media and engineers: Waste of time?

Posted on | November 18, 2010 | No Comments

Props to EDAC’s Emerging Companies Committee for hosting a panel last week on social media. It’s clearly still in its infancy in the electronics B:B space, and the audience is unique (engineers are among the smartest folks in the room but not the most social).
The presentation is worth your time, with a range of views, insight and advance from Jim Adams of Altera, Karen Bartleson of Synopsys and Steve Leibson of Cadence. My view was somewhat contrarian in that I don’t think social media is particularly effective (right now) in electronics marketing. Not to say it won’t be (LinkedIn is the platform of choice at the moment), but if you want the audience, they’re still hanging with the traditional publishers, where there’s a greater diversity of information and the expectation of objectivity.

Take a listen. It was definitely a pleasure to be with this group and hear their excellent insights!

EDAC screen grab

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