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Up and to the right

Posted on | September 13, 2010 | No Comments

Remember this chart?

EDN (blue line) has closed the unique visitors gap with EE Times in North America

EDN (blue line) has closed the unique visitors gap with EE Times in North America

My new/old boss, Paul Miller does. He humorously called this post out in a recent management meeting.

After it first posted, he made a good point that I had not given enough context about and was unfairly representing EE Times traffic. Point taken and corrected. Compete metrics come from people who sign on to be tracked and thus represent a fraction of the true EET audience. However, my point was that like-for-like, regardless of sample size, the same audience is showing trends on the two publications. So something was afoot.

Flash forward to today. Here’s what the landscape looks like:

What happened? EE Times in July completed a Herculean redesign and reorganization of its online franchise, a fantastic achievement given the mountains of content dating back 17 years that need to be managed. The new Web site has caught fire.

Meanwhile, EDN changed hands. Reed Business Information sold it and some other electronics properties to Canon Communications in February.  The technology hand-off was fumbled and EDN experienced a number of technical glitches in the following months to the dismay of its editors and sales people. That appears to have been resolved, but the trend line for now is clear.

What happens going forward? We shall see but things are going to get interesting very soon. This signals, I think, the industry’s final mental shift into the digital age. We’re a cautious methodical industry. Things take time. That time has come.

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