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We don’t know squat

We have soaring expectations that web metrics are finally the way we’re going to measure reader/user behavior and therefore editorial and advertising value, and it turns out not so. A Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism study suggests it’s almost no better that old-school print metrics (Audit Bureau of Circulation etc.). Metrics tracking varies widely, […]

Up and to the right

Remember this chart? My new/old boss, Paul Miller does. He humorously called this post out in a recent management meeting. After it first posted, he made a good point that I had not given enough context about and was unfairly representing EE Times traffic. Point taken and corrected. Compete metrics come from people who […]

Does the media have any value any more?

That was the question that Sam Whitmore essentially posited in an interview we did recently. He has clients who ask him the question. In short: In an era in which direct-to-customer communications and social media dominates, who needs the media, especially the trade press? My answer, for one, is the vendors themselves. I’ve written a […]

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