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What would Al Haig do?

Alexander Haig died yesterday, probably overcome by years of government sclerosis. It’s amusing that Haig will always be ridiculed as the guy who, as secretary of state, claimed “I am in control here” when President Reagan was hospitalized just after he was shot in downtown Washington.  Haig wasn’t legally in the line of succession (a […]

Respect the Sabbath

Summary: Longtime cries for a digital Sabbath are getting louder, but we think more broadly as humans become cogs in an increasingly pervasive, pernicious 24-hour multimedia marketing wheel. Tom Mahon is one of the most thoughtful guys I’ve ever encountered. In his own quiet way, he’s long championed the notion that people need to take […]

EDN closes the audience gap with EE Times

Update: Note that the data cited in this post and the chart come from 2 million users in North America. The numbers are not represented as absolutes of EE Times or EDN actual traffic, which a subscription company like Omniture can provide, but as projections. These numbers are only used to show a […]

A peek at the new EE Times

Come spring, EE Times will be reborn, and Electronic Buyer’s News will be resurrected. That was the message EE Times Group CEO Paul Miller delivered last week during meetings in Irvine, Calif., and Santa Clara, Calif., as he gave audiences a sneak peek at the new network’s look, feel and value propositions. It’s a bold, […]

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