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The future of media? Not as bad as you think

Posted on | December 18, 2009 | No Comments

What’s the future of media?

Michael Arrington worries about the end of hand-crafted content.

So what really scares me? It’s the rise of fast food content that will surely, over time, destroy the mom and pop operations that hand craft their content today. It’s the rise of cheap, disposable content on a mass scale, force fed to us by the portals and search engines.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics buys that concern, reporting this week that journalism as a profession will be one of the professions hardest hit by job losses  in the next 10 years. This is the doom scenario.

From there we jump to Patrick Attallah, who blogs about the media outlook for 2010.

The potential of social media (such as Twitter) is transforming the way we communicate in our respective countries. Information are exchanged within seconds. But I don’t think it will replace YET traditional media, because important vs popular news will only be considered credible once traditional media have confirmed it (and indeed, Google and Twitter could help to drive readers hungry for information to news sites).

Attallah is more the utopian scenario.

I couldn’t agree more. Well, it won’t be utopia (it never is), but the transformation we’re undergoing is not a zero-sum game. In fact we’re all part of the same end game. Savvy media organizations are slowly starting to figure out how to work within the web of real-time information not outside of it.

And that’s good news.

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