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The Future of News (is “pretty clear”)

Summary: The future of news needs not only to leverage all of us but it needs to be visual. Say what you will, but the kid’s timing is impeccable. On a day that saw news break that newspaper circulation continues its freefall (nowhere faster than my hometown newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle -25%) and a […]

TechInsights’ latest reorganization

TechInsights, the former CMP Electronics Group, reorganized again last week. The news went largely uncommented on, which, in one sense was not surprising: The company has reorganized in recent years with a frequency by which one could set a watch. However, this one is important because it should, within a very short time frame, show […]

Gourmet magazine’s death and the wisdom of crowds

Summary: The tenets of matching audience to publication or “content” don’t change. The lesson of Gourmet magazine’s demise is that you shift your content away from your core audience at your own peril. My initial reaction to the shuttering of 68-year-old Gourmet magazine was simply to shake my head. How do advertisers turn their backs […]

Media, heal thyself

Leave it to someone with the pen name “detonater” to speak truth to power. “Detonater” weighed in on a San Francisco Chronicle story this morning reporting on a “future of media” summit in Berkeley. Author James Temple’s take was this: Rapidly advancing technology may be to blame for the news industry’s present predicament, but the […]

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