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The Future of Media-Toothpaste Edition

Can we put the toothpaste back in the tube? Two great opinion pieces I read over the weekend raised that question in my pointy little head. Kevin Morris, of FPGA Journal, and Peter Kann, former publisher of The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones chairman, weigh in from slightly different perspectives on the devolution of […]

The Simple Life of Weaving Spiders

In the human world, we tend to engage in a mad scramble for something; sometimes we know what it is; other times not so much, but we know it’s out there and it requires a lot of hard work on our part. Nature and its demonstrations never cease to bring this into stark relief for […]

Flippin’ interesting

I’m of two minds about Google. On the one hand, its business model has eviscerated my first love, commercial journalism. On the other hand, I love what Google does. Yes, it’s supplanted Microsoft in the popular hate-o-sphere, but let’s be honest: What they give us is free, interoperable, useful and usually fantastic. So, in that […]

Micropayments are macro-b.s.

The headline is amusing in and of itself: Google Plans Tools to Help News Media Charge for Content Miguel Helft, otherwise clear-eyed reporter for the New York Times, writes deadpan: Google is planning to roll out a system of micropayments within the next year and hopes that newspapers will use it as they look for […]

Salivating over Social Media

All the cools kids are telling us that social media’s the place to be. While it’s a very important channel, it’s not the end game, and focusing too much on social media misses the point and endangers careers. A very interesting recent study (the 2009 Digital Readiness Report) shows why social media salivating is not […]

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