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Old media, new technology and the tyranny of age

Summary: Sometimes established media shows its age and biases with breathtaking clarity. Media plays a key (if fading, alas) role as cultural skeptic, but increasingly it appears out of step with technology advances that imperil media’s traditional model. The farther it falls the behind, the more it imperils its important role. I felt this way […]

Future of Newspapers–Doonesbury Edition

Hard to resist. It’s ironic on so many levels.

The Future of Newspapers–Spreadsheet Edition

Really interesting piece from Peter Kafka in All Things Digital today in which he talks with CEO Mark Josephson. Josephson shares some spreadsheet numbers on a model of a future city newspaper. It can work. It will have a smaller staff and no printing press, but Josephson argues it can work. I buy his […]

Managing the Chaos of Twitter: Real-time Search

The more you get into Twitter, presumably the more people you follow. This quickly becomes a scaling problem as hundreds, if not thousands of messages can stream through your feed throughout a given day. If you’re like most people, you may check Twitter once a day. You see the top few tweets but to go […]

The Bloom is off the Twitter Rose…Finally

You’re probably familiar with those great time-to-market-saturation charts that pop up in PowerPoint presentations every so often. It took, for example, a number of decades for the telephone to penetrate the majority of homes; fewer decades for the radio, fewer still for TVs, VCRs, and cell phones. The same might be applied to social media […]

Analog Devices Gets More Digital

Summary: Analog Devices today unveiled a new social-media community for its customers, Engineer Zone, designed to drive conversation about digital signal processor (DSP) technologies and products. Analog Devices is an old-line semiconductor company that’s starting to get more serious about new media. Today the company unveiled a new social media community built on the Jive […]

Streaming Consciousness

Summary: Hardware and software technology has matured sufficiently to bring streaming live video to the desktop. Platforms are emerging that people and companies need to examine if they’re interested in exploring the modern world of broadcasting and its implications for communications. I haven’t made a batch of beer in a few months and I’m getting […]

Call for papers: ARM TechCon3

I’m really honored to have been picked as this year’s technical chair for ARM’s TechCon3, to be held Oct. 21-23 in Santa Clara. John Reardon, CEO and founder of RTC Group, which manages the event, asked me if I’d be interested. And why not? It’s always been a great program. I’m taking over for Markus […]

Social Media Webinar Recap

We didn’t solve major problems or part the seas, but we took a stab at starting a conversation about social media strategies, particularly in the B:B space Tuesday night. You can check out the archived version of our Webinar here. It involved my old EE Times colleague Steve Paul, longtime editor and Red Sox fan […]

Check out our upcoming Webinar

Fellow editor John Dodge and I will be appearing on a Webinar a week from today (June 9) to discuss social media trends. John’s out on his own now after running Design News for several years at Reed. He writes about net PC trends at The Dodge Retort. Steve Paul, a onetime colleague of mine […]

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