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The Pitchfork Congress

This is a little bit off topic, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a topic that affects us all. Can we stop with the pitchfork-waving over the financial meltdown? Is that too much to ask? Congress is tripping over itself trying to demonize a financial system it aided and abetted. President Obama says […]

The Gig Economy-Part 2

In the Gig Economy, we’re all consultants. Tom Foremski humorously alludes to this in a very insightful piece on the PR business, which seems to be being disaggregated by the day. I get the feeling, though, that it’s going to be more than a short-term fix, a bridge to the next growth spurt, as leaning […]

Social media and culture

You remember that old joke? Q: What’s the difference between yogurt and (pick your least-favorite person, organization, country etc.)….? A: Yogurt has culture Organizations and agencies have culture too, but in many cases it’s killing them in the age of social media. There it is: barrelling down the road, and so many companies and agencies […]

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