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2008 predictions in review

Warming up this afternoon for a two-day New Year’s Eve celebration (Jackie Greene/Bob Weir and Phil Lesh tonight; local bands tomorrow), it’s only fitting to review my Jan. 1, 2008 predictions in this, the most tumultuous year in years. The Chinese say “May you live in interesting times,” and we’re certainly doing that, although many […]

Detroit Papers to Cut Home Delivery

The auto capital’s newspapers are not only slashing jobs but they’re going to cut home delivery. I get the idea, but couldn’t they at least throw out an innovation bone like issue customization? Give me two extra pages of sports and less international coverage than the average reader. It can be done at the printing […]

The Way Forward

One of the things that B:B publishers need to come to grips with is their infrastructure. As the economy unwinds around them, now is the perfect time to address it.I began thinking about this this morning when I read a couple of pieces in The Wall Street Journal. In the first piece, Cari Tuna (names […]

The Morning Meat Grinder

It’s a low-watermark week for American media. A sampling of snippets from the crime blotter: NPR is cutting 65 people. McDonald’s heiress Joan Kroc just gave them $230 million a little while ago. Poof! I heard about the cuts on NPR on the drive in today, which was small consolation: They’re still alive. The Tribune […]

Happy Friday; Now Get the Hell Out

Fortune and Gannett are laying off editors and reporters like there’s no tomorrow, and maybe there isn’t.Sam Whitmore reports this morning that at least six editors got pink slips yesterday: Michael Lev-Ram, Yi-Wyn Yen, Todd Woody, Katrina Booker, Marc Gunther and Anne Fisher. USA Today laid off 20. But the cuts at Gannett are far […]

Thinking the Unthinkable

Each day brings more dire news about the state of the traditional media. If you look at big city dailies and their corporate parents, you see a literal free fall. If you take a moment on that chart–play around with it in Google Finance–you’ll see that media stocks have underperformed the Dow Jones for 21 […]

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