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Update on TechInsights and EE Times

TechInsights laid off 16 people last week as part of its latest cost-cutting measures. As reported earlier, longtime editors Richard Wallace and Loring Wirbel were among those affected. But on the business side too there were people just as important but not as well known as Wallace and Wirbel. Steve Corrick (sales), James Lonsdale-Hands (events), […]

More downsizing from EE Times, TechInsights

A quick post because I don’t have all the dope, have been away from the laptop all day and won’t have complete details until later in the week. At EE Times and TechInsights, this week, Loring Wirbel announced his own layoff, and Lou Covey is reporting Richard Wallace was as well.In addition, the sales side […]

Language, Hope and Obama’s Muse

In an extraordinary piece in today’s Wall Street Journal, Lee Siegel pulls quote from an older Time magazine piece. In it, President-elect Obama reflects on a portait of Lincoln he had hanging in his office: “In it, Lincoln’s face is as finely lined as a pressed flower. He appears frail, almost broken; his eyes, averted […]

EE Times Going Biweekly

“Biweekly is the new weekly.” Former CMP CEO Steve Weitzner uttered those words three years ago as the tech B:B industry was struggling with slipping advertising revenues. EE Times will bite that bullet in January when its 35-year-old print edition goes from weekly to biweekly. Total circulation will be 140,000, with half taking the print […]

The road ahead

When this election campaign narrowed down to Obama and McCain, I celebrated. This was the first time in my life that I had two presidential candidates I liked. The media was clearly in the tank for Obama (Hillary Clinton knows that first hand) but McCain did himself no favors as a campaigner. He never articulated […]


Halloween 2008

What else? The Death of Print.Happy Halloween!

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