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The end of advertising?

…Maybe as we’ve known it.Jack Myers is a well-known advertising-industry analyst and blogger. His ad-industry forecast is out, and it’s gloomy for the coming couple of years: Spending in 2009 will be down 4 percent, while spending in overall marketing communications will drop 2.1 percent. No surprise there.But there are a couple of things that […]

Life, death and the Christian Science Monitor

We could spend all our blogging days writing obituaries of one form or another, but something about the Christian Science Monitor’s killing its print edition staggers me. I think it was because the really unthinkable really could happen, and that’s the death of once major vital organs of journalism (at least in print form).I got […]

Web 2.0 meets (creative?) destruction

Hank Williams hit the nail on the head two weeks ago.Offering great insight at a time when most folks are starting to realize that something was gravely wrong of late, he wrote: The truth is that as it relates to generating revenue, Web 2.0 has been a bust…The idea that the raft of social media […]

Crunch time

Before one of the cyclical downturns of the semiconductor industry in the mid 1990s, I was in the press room at the S.F. Moscone Center with my colleague Ron Wilson and a longtime PR woman (skip ahead if I’ve told you this tale before). It was November of, let’s say, 1994. She exclaimed the conventional […]

Jamie Lynn Spears and the cult of idiocy

It’s hard to get a sense for how bad it might become here in the coming months. You read stories in the papers and hear stories on NPR about how the credit crisis is hitting small business, but I think most of us have yet to see and feel it first hand. We do have […]

When bad people intersect with good ideas

Citizen journalism is under fire from a number of fronts. The juxtaposition was made abundantly clear in today’s San Francisco Chronicle, which put two stories side by side in the A section:Citizen journalism carries unique pitfallsThis story rehashed the CNN story that falsely reported that Steve Jobs had been rushed to a hospital after […]

What’s old is new again

Busy as hell the past two weeks, astonishingly so, given the financial meltdown around us. I felt bad about not blogging, but then again reading The Wall Street Journal every morning was enough to paralyze me. I remember ’87. I was in Rhode Island at the time. I just happened to pop into my broker’s […]

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