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Back to the future at EE Times-UPDATE

Just as I was posting this morning on more changes at EE Times, the press release moved to clarify the word on the street.Here’s the scoop: Richard Wallace, who ran EE Times as editor in chief in the 1990s, is taking the editorial lead at TechInsights: Vice President/Editor-in-Chief of TechInsights. In this role, according to […]

Back to the future at EE Times

PLEASE SEE THE UPDATED POSTRichard Wallace, perhaps the most senior remaining editor in the electronics press today, is resuming the helm at EE Times. Wallace is taking the editor-in-chief’s post back in the wake of moves in June that saw Junko Yoshida relinquishing her role in the big seat to focus on international coverage.Wallace hasn’t […]

Crescent City Blues

NEW ORLEANS–This is a sad city in the most honest, emotional sense of the word….made sadder by the pounding it’s taken because of and since Katrina.I haven’t been here since the last Design Automation Conference here in 2002, which was well before Katrina. I’m back here for three days of management training. It’s a completely […]

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