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Roger Ebert for president

Who says newspapers are dead? In Chicago they’ve pretty damn lively (as they have been for more than 100 years).Check out this house ad above the Sun-Times flag.This reader came back to the Sun-Times after its reviled sports writer, Jay Mariotti, left and slammed newspapers as dead, dead, dead. That was after he came back […]

Jon Stewart for president

Comedian and “fake anchor” Jon Stewart is covering the Democratic National Convention in Denver this week. The San Francisco Chronicle’s Joe Garofoli wrote an almost poignant story today about Stewart’s meeting with newspaper reporters: Stewart gathered a couple of dozen national political print reporters for breakfast, riffed a few funny lines, then read them the […]

Social media promise and peril

I came across a fabulous use of social media today, at, where else? The Economist.They started last Fall and have completed six so far on topics ranging from rising food prices to education. I came across one in which the debate topic was energy conservation vs. innovation.There’s a moderator, a guest writer and one person […]

"Engagement ads," Facebook and a wobbly market

Online advertising, more than a decade into its existing, is wobbling thanks to two big issues The global economy is slowing and struggling The proof points with regard to online advertising effectiveness are lacking Overall online advertising projections have been scaled back this year. What’s more, eMarketer reported this week that video ads will be […]

Is PR broken?

Every few months we find a major blogger throwing down on the PR industry, some constructively, others destructively. Michael Arrington weighed in yesterday, saying “PR as a profession is broken.” Then Marshall Kirkpatrick, who usually writes with a cooler head, suggests that good technology speaks for itself and doesn’t really need PR. Most of these […]

Now, the decline of magazines?

Downstairs in our building is a deli, run by a delightful Greek named George. I put in my sandwich order and then invariably pivot 180 degrees to check out the magazine rack. Until recently, a smattering of serious magazines had prominent placement among the cheesecake/beefcake rags. The Economist aways stood out, Forbes, New Yorker, Time. […]

Social networking hits a wall…maybe

Interesting client meeting yesterday. They’re experienced in the Web 2.0 space. A CEO said flat out, “I give Facebook 24 months.”Why? There’s no way the emerging teen generation (13 and below) embraces Facebook because that’s for the generation before them (and–yikes!!–old people are joining too and that just makes, it well, grody to the max). […]

Olympic movement

Strange seeing the George Bush-Bob Costas interview on NBC with all that swirly logo crap in the background. The huge picture of Mao at the Fordbidden City looks like it’s devil sitting on his right shoulder.And I nkow there were probably presidents in pre-televised American history who were awkward speakers, but none stands out more […]

Just finished my first set of client/analyst interviews with a silicon client. Weird not to be the one asking the questions.

One great big evolution

Like a lot of other people, I’m scrambling to try to figure out where we’re headed online.Here’s where we stand:Content-creation tools are free and infinite. Social networking and media sites (audience development) are ubiquitous.We’re moving toward an integrated system (portable online profiles) in which you publish once and reach many, regardless of networks. That’s very […]

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