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Back in the saddle

Posted on | July 16, 2008 | No Comments

I’m back from 10 days in the hills devoid of electricity and cell phone reception, a little smoky from the many fires in Mendocino and Lake counties and hot as hell. But when you get the pleasure of watching your youngest chase a dozen male elk with camera in hand across an enormous valley, well it all evens out.
Once I hit work on Monday, I fell into the deep end and have been swimming furiously since. My wife caused me a little consternation with a post reminding people that it was the 20th anniversary of Brian Fuller Day in Rhode Island.
Then Steve Boriss weighed in with his usual common sense in a post about Old Media v. New Media.
On the work front, a team of us is developing our predictions for the future of media. That led me back to my old friend Alex Wolfe, who has some great insight on the topic, which I’ll blog about later. But in the process of catching up with him, I caught a really funny video he produced when the iPhone 3G went on sale in Manhattan. He scoops the world by bagging political analyst Jeff Greenfield! Check out the video section on the Information Week home page.

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