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Cracks in the foundation

The hype over online marketing is built on a foundation that an increasingly online audience is easy to target and is influential. Some cracks are starting to appear in that logic as I’ve been trolling more than a dozen research reports about new-media marketing in the past 24 hours. Emily Riley, writing for Jupiter Research: […]

Feature writing 101

One of the finest articles I’ve read in some time hit a week ago in the Sunday New York Times Magazine. David Carr is a culture critic for The Times and his cover story was titled “Me and My Girls.” Where does a junkie’s time go? Mostly in 15-minute increments, like a bug-eyed Tarzan, swinging […]

Meet Ed

The more homogenized, digitized and stupidized our world becomes, the more it’s a joy to come across guys like Ed Davis. My wife, Heidi, on Screaming Lady, beat me to the punch with her wonderful post on the man, the myth.Who’s Ed? Ed is a dying breed. He shoots straight, talks salty in the right […]

Obama pees; film at 11

There ain’t no such thing as fair and balanced anymore, Steve Boriss points out in his The Future of News Blog. The media is treating Barack Obama’s Middle East trip as if the Pope was on a goodwill tour. This is his first time there, for God’s sake. I don’t see a lot of mainstream […]

Tale of two magazines

Last week, during a short break in my two-week sojourn to the mountains, I came across two magazines: The new EE Times form and Xilinx Corp.’s Xcell Journal, now run by Mike Santarini, late of EDN and EE Times. The magazines – the same format – represent the two faces of contemporary publishing.Times wrestled for […]

Back in the saddle

I’m back from 10 days in the hills devoid of electricity and cell phone reception, a little smoky from the many fires in Mendocino and Lake counties and hot as hell. But when you get the pleasure of watching your youngest chase a dozen male elk with camera in hand across an enormous valley, well […]

Gone fishin’

At least once a year, I take a digital sabbatical, as Tom Mahon calls it. I’m headed into the hills for a week. No electricity. No cell reception. Sleep on the ground under the stars. Amen.

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