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More moves at EE Times

The churn continues at the electronics industry’s leading publication, EE Times. Editor-in-Chief Junko Yoshida is moving out of the EIC’s seat to focus on international coverage.In an email she sent me, she wrote: I am moving away from the desk in Manhasset in order to concentrate on international reporting with an eventual focus on technology/business […]

Five ways to build a great media outlet

1. Don’t buy a printing press.2. Stay offline unless you’re posting/publishing your scoops.3. Don’t use email more than once a day, and even then, make it brief.4. Don’t spend any time reading analysts’ reports.5. PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE. CALL AS MANY PEOPLE AN HOUR AS YOU CAN AND TALK TO THEM. DO THIS ALL […]

Television IS the anti-Christ

Recently, my increasingly bitter divorce from popular culture hit a new low. In Boston. In a men’s room.I was sidling up to the urinal, ready to do my business, when I realized something was talking to me. It was a television set, embedded in front of me, just above the urinal. It was set to […]

Let Tim Russert RIP…please

They came not to bury Tim Russert, but to belabor him. The coverage of this broadcaster’s death is amazing and appalling, and, were he alive, Russert himself would be chagrined. Russert undoubtedly was a wonderful guy. He wrote a loving book about his dad, and by all accounts he was a fine father to his […]

EE Times moving to magazine format

EE Times, the No. 1 publication for the global electronics industry, will become a magazine on July 14.That news was revealed in a memo that Publisher David Blaza sent advertisers late last week and I got my grubby little hands on. “EE Times has traditionally been a news-oriented publication. But news, because of its very […]

New moves at TechInsights

When I wrote last week about the latest round of layoffs at TechInsights’ EE Times, I noted that they had unspecified moves up their sleeves. One of those came quickly: The company, through its parent, United Business Media, acquired the Embedded Systems Show and its print publication, Embedded Systems Engineering. The company also acquired MCAD, […]

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