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New Tech Press

Lou Covey has been generating a lot of buzz for his New Tech Press concept which is soft launching right about now. It’s a simple concept with disruptive underpinnings.A great swath (i.e. the majority) of companies in the electronics space not only have shrinking marketing budgets, they have small marketing budgets. They’re companies run by […]

Newspaper Death Watch-continued

Google that phrase and you end up at Paul Gillin’s relatively recent site of the same name. It’s got the good, the bad and the ugly news about the evolution of the American newspaper industry. And I’ve got to believe that Gillin really doesn’t sleep much. I had the pleasure of listening to one of […]

Yahoo, Microsoft and the widgetization of the Web

Two great pieces in the past 24 hours attempt a post-mortem on the dead Microsoft bid to buy Yahoo. First, Andy Kessler mused on the War for the Web, and today Holman Jenkins weighs in with his usual insight on Steve Ballmer’s moral victory.I’m no expert, but if you’re Yahoo, you blew it. The widgetization […]

Give Twitter a (second) chance

I signed up for Twitter some months ago to learn about it first-hand. It’s mildly interesting as a sort-of global IM system; more intriguing as a community-builder; and really distracting once you set your mobile phone to interact with it. That took some time. Each time I tried to register my Crackberry to send SMS […]

Old School, New School: Bissinger vs. Leitch

I stumbled into the Buzz Bissinger-Will Leitch pissing match today, while trying to get to my Comcast email account. It started with an alluring headline: We Took Their Jobs. That post, by Lee Russakoff, who blogs for Comcast, got me started as he analyzed the televised smackdown between the writer and the blogger. (Memo to […]

Newspaper death watch-UPDATE

Amid the carnage, some laughter: Dying Newspaper Trend Buys Nation’s Newspapers Three More Weeks From The Onion, where else? “It’s nice to see that the printed word is still, at least for now, the most powerful medium for reporting on the death of the printed word.”

Love newspapers? Move to the Middle East

The Wall Street Journal today reports that print-ad sales are booming…in the Persian Gulf. Numbers from 2006 to 2007 jumped 21 percent overall, lead by the United Arab Emirates at 32 percent. While many newspapers in the U.S. are laying off staff and ratcheting back their goals, in Gulf states, new papers are still being […]

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