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More layoffs at EE Times–UPDATE

Posted on | May 29, 2008 | No Comments

At least five more people were laid off today at electronics industry publisher EE Times. They included on the sales side, Andy Dellins, Claudia Newsome and Debbie Deason–all CMP/EETimes/TechInsights vets. (Note: in an earlier version of this post I named one editor and one editorial admin. Those haven’t been confirmed and so are eliminated from this post. EE Times Publisher David Blaza texts me that no editors were laid off).
At least two others have left recently of their own accord, including longtime EE Times, TechInsights and EDN saleswoman Patti Selman, who’s headed to lead-gen site Netline Corp.
We’ve written about how EE Times’ parent company, Tech Insights, run by CEO Paul Miller, has diversified smartly in recent years, moving more to a marketing-services business model. But sadly, no one in electronics seems to value news and information anymore. Marketing budgets in electronics simply aren’t funneling money into news — either print or online apparently — as they once did.
B:B publishing continues to get pounded as do mainstream newspapers, according to this recent Newspaper Death Watch post from Paul Gillin.
It’s a sad, sad situation with no apparent answers or end.

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  1. tshan0605
    May 29th, 2008 @ 11:56 pm

    Another addition to the list — Tim Shannon, Webinar Project Manager for TechOnline, TechInsights, and EETimes.

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