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More on the latest EE Times layoffs

The latest count, from multiple sources, is seven in the EE Times cuts at TechInsights. After some initial mixed messages I’ve confirmed that longtime EE Times, TechWeb and CMP stalwart Tim Moran was the top editor on the list, notified yesterday in Manhasset. Tim was editor of EE and played a decades-long role in […]

More layoffs at EE Times–UPDATE

At least five more people were laid off today at electronics industry publisher EE Times. They included on the sales side, Andy Dellins, Claudia Newsome and Debbie Deason–all CMP/EETimes/TechInsights vets. (Note: in an earlier version of this post I named one editor and one editorial admin. Those haven’t been confirmed and so are eliminated from […]

What stones: A Website-free newspaper launches

In 1995, a spunky little newspaper popped up in Palo Alto, the Palo Alto Daily News. A sister publication served San Mateo as well. Tabloid, tightly edited and focusing keenly on local stories while giving readers a good snapshot of the larger world, the papers thrived. (In many ways, the papers reminded me of the […]

Newspapers have legs: Macy’s exec

Peter Sachse is Macy’s chief marketing officer and chairman of the retailer’s online division, so he knows a few things.Here’s what he said about newspapers in today’s Wall Street Journal in an interview with Rachel Dodes: “Newspapers, as you know, have declined. That’s all there is to it. They have fewer eyeballs. As a marketer, […]

Catching up with CMP, UBM and David Levin

Matt Kinsman at Folio has a good interview with UBM CEO David Levin on what’s up with the dearly departed CMP brand. If you’ve been following the ordeal, there are a few nuggets in there, but Levin for the most part does a poor job at communicating vision–and he had a golden opportunity in this […]

The future of electronics marketing

I had dinner the other night with Ross Ayotte, who now runs marketing for TechInsights, the former electronics group of CMP Media. Ross and I worked together on EE Times last year. He’s ginning up a plan for a one- or two-day marketing and communications summit probably in the fall. The idea is part educational, […]

Anna del Rosario: Back in business

Remember Anna del Rosario? (If you’ve met her, how could you not?) She ran Altera’s communications programs in the semiconductor (FPGA) space for many years before finding herself in a layoff with a number of colleagues there late last year.Well, after a break and a fair amount of travelling, she’s back, tanned, rested and ready […]

Newspapers should think retro

Everyone is a photographer now. They’re everywhere, in living color.Wild thought: Maybe newspapers should revert to black and white photography. Saves money. It’s retro and it prints more consistently and looks a lot better in newsprint than color. Virtually every picture you see in the paper today you’ve already seen somewhere. You don’t see a […]

The decline of culture–part 863

Television viewership is down in the wake of the writer’s strike, according to the Associated Press today. That would be fantastic news were it not for the fact that the Web is supplanting those habits (and TV networks are happily obliging them). So video-programming viewership really isn’t down; watching the Tube while drooling on yourself […]

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