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Still alive

Posted on | April 8, 2008 | No Comments

Shattering the calm of my Sunday-morning reading of The New York Times was this article asserting that blogging causes death. I thought better of posting for the past few days because of it. What would happen, I wondered, if, as my fingers touched the keyboard to write a post, my head exploded? Or my heart thumped out of my chest and onto the floor?
My poor wife would have quite the mess on her hands. I leave enough clutter around the house as it is!
But seriously, I don’t think it’s blogging that causes death; it’s the techno-geek lifestyle. You see it with coders who don’t blog as well. You want to live long, blog and do all things in moderation. Don’t drink soda and exercise every day. It’s pretty simple.
That said, I wished the story explored the dirty little secret of blogging: that for the medium to work with current advertising models, you have to be on a hampster wheel content creation to build more page avails. That’s not good for your health or your blog-journalism.
Even Michael Arrington said it’s not sustainable.
Separately, there’s an interesting conversation revolving around a podcast from David Strom and Paul Gillin with VC Bill Frezza. Frezza said we have entered into an era of post-integrity journalism.
Yesterday, Steve Borriss at The Future of News, wrote:

“…in the new, online news environment, deep-pocketed advertisers can easily sway the published opinions of cash and attention-starved bloggers with just a little bit of advertising. This concern about advertisers influencing content is nothing new. It has been a rallying cry for a century among mainstream outlets, purportedly serving the noble cause of ‘journalistic independence,’ but actually serving the much less noble cause of allowing journalists to write whatever they want to write.”

Such is the environment in which marketers and journalists both struggle to find their way.

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