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Newspapers: Not dead yet

Print lives…for now.I got a double-barreled dose of that this week when my wife got everyone tickets to see a Afro Cuban mambo master John Santos and his quintet at Yoshi’s in San Francisco. At first, I couldn’t figure out why we were going. It seems a little off beat (so to speak). But I […]

Newspaper death watch-UPDATE

The Audit Bureau of Circulations is out today with fresh bad news about the newspaper industry. The only two major publications that showed circulation gains in the first quarter were USA Today and The Wall Street Journal (in its first quarter of ownership under News Corp. and Rupert Murdoch). Everyone else continues to lose readers. […]

Newspaper death watch

AdAge puts its imprimatur on the decline of American daily newspapers today by kicking off a series called The Newspaper Death Watch. We might suggest that they’re dead already, as evidenced by the “news” coverage of the Miley Cyrus green bra-gate “scandal” making the rounds. More on that later.The AdAge series title has an ugly […]

The King of Beer (blogs)

We’ve talked here and elsewhere about the “company is the medium is the message” (channeling Marshall McLuhan). Companies have an opportunity (actually an obligation) to leverage the Internet to become their own publishers or networks, to talk directly to their audiences. Nowhere is this more perfectly illustrated than in the beer kingdom, one of happiest […]

Shock and awe at The Wall Street Journal

The New York Observer has a timely article about Rupert “Rex” Murdoch’s media devourings. In short, after Murdoch acquires a property change doesn’t seem to come, but when it does, it comes on like a hurricane.Case in point, Wall Street Journal ME Marcus Brauchli (left) is stepping aside to let one of Murdoch’s own take […]

Assume the position

Ford Kanzler posted an insightful comment to the “marketing echo chamber” post. This problem clearly appears when you hear marketing managers say,”we position ourselves,” or “our position is.” It demonstrates their often inside-out thinking and not what the world necessarily believes about their brand. We’re all about teaching about “the conversation” in Web 2.0 land. […]

It’s the audience, people

I had the good fortune to be able to roll into the Valley yesterday and spend some time rubbing elbows at the EE Times ACE Awards dinner last night. Definitely good times. Spirits (and attendance) were high even though the industry’s still struggling, and no one really knows how the recession will affect business. EET […]

The B:B death spiral

More anguished cries this week from Folio and Private Frazer’s Doomed Magazines about the quickening decline of B:B publishing. eWeek lost some good people last week as part of a major restructuring at Ziff Davis Enterprise under two of my old colleagues Steve Weitzner and Mike Azzara.But it’s not necessarily the decline of B:B publishing […]

Still alive

Shattering the calm of my Sunday-morning reading of The New York Times was this article asserting that blogging causes death. I thought better of posting for the past few days because of it. What would happen, I wondered, if, as my fingers touched the keyboard to write a post, my head exploded? Or my heart […]

What’s a writer to do?

We know newspapers are struggling. It’s gotten so bad that Steve Outing at Editor & Publisher has canceled his local newspaper subscription, which he details this week.Magazines are taking a hit these days just as their daily newspaper brethren. Newsweek. Time. And those are publications that are still in business.The New York Observer publishes a […]

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