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Our Web addiction

I started this blog post the other day in my old-fashioned notebook; Lee Gomes finished it for me today. It started like this: Sometimes I just want to delete every digital thing I participate in. I want to sit in the quiet of my evenings, with a kerosene lamp, a fountain pen and a notebook […]

2008 predictions so far

We’re nearly finished with the first quarter of calendar 2008, so it’s time to check in on the New Year’s predictions, the top eight predictions for ’08. Written with remarkable alacrity for a New Year’s Day (because I went to bed well before midnight!), most of the predictions still need time to ferment.The first, the […]

The wisdom of professionals

Lou Covey bird-dogs the Newsweek article that maybe, just maybe, the user-generated content era is coming to a close; that professionally generated content may be back in style; that the wisdom of crowds may not be so after all.Let’s get this caveat out of the way: the piece is written by a paragon of the […]

Morning musings

A couple of quick takes before the reality of a packed day sets in: Lou Covey calls the EDA industry on the carpet for not supporting the electronics-trade press.And Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales’ Wikipedia profile hasn’t been updated in the wake of his sex and expense-account scandals. This is the same Wikipedia that contained near […]

TechInsights board to be named this week

Paul Miller, CEO of the fledgling TechInsights company that emerged from the old CMP, will name a board of directors this week. He told me Friday it’ll include a mixture of senior staffers (guys like Richard Wallace and Ross Ayotte of EE Times presumably), some United Business Media folks and some industry leaders.UBM announced the […]

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