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2008 predictions so far

Posted on | March 10, 2008 | No Comments

We’re nearly finished with the first quarter of calendar 2008, so it’s time to check in on the New Year’s predictions, the top eight predictions for ’08. Written with remarkable alacrity for a New Year’s Day (because I went to bed well before midnight!), most of the predictions still need time to ferment.
The first, the Economy Falls into Recession, seems assured at this point. One fellow on the radio today said it definitively; Bloomberg danced around it. Technically, we need two straight down quarters, but if it looks like a recession and quacks like a recession…
2. Traffic conditions improve in the Bay Area. That needs time and an official recession.
3. Green movement has issues. Clearly part of this equation is working, the conservation part, driven primarily by the recession. Nothing like an economic downturn to make people cutback on normally frivolous travel and SUV purchases. But as a business, recession would take its toll.
4. Pakistani government collapses; Iraq stabilizes. We’ve had a recent surge in terror bombings in Iraq, after months of relative calm. In Pakistan, Musharraf is hanging tough for the moment. Jury’s out.
5. Obama wins presidency. Wait until November, but he didn’t have the momentum in January that he’s got now. Today he ridiculed Hillary Clinton’s suggestions that he’d make a good Veep. The other half of this was that Romney would take the GOP nomination. Missed that one by a mile, and I like McCain. He just seemed in January to be McCaining himself politically. But he’s nothing if not determined and tough.
6. Baseball does nothing in wake of steroid scandal. Score one for the kid. Bud Selig’s not even reading Barry Bonds’ unsealed grand jury testimony. Nice Bud. Back to sleep now, y’hear?
7. America gets healthier. We’ll all be a lot healthier by year’s end with the recession changing our eating habits.Many Americans will choose to go hungry to fill up their gas tanks. Famine’s not far off.
8. Most predictions will fall short. It’s waaayyy too early to tell!
9. N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer will be caught in a prostitution ring. Oh, wait. No one predicted that.

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