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Update: Cutbacks at EDN

Lou Covey confirmed two names I heard on the editorial side in conjunction with Friday’s cutbacks at EDN: Editor in Chief Maury Wright and Senior Editor Mike Santarini. Two more on the business side are said to be Alan Robinson and Barbara Couchois. Covey reports that Ann Mutschler, who survived the Electronic News cuts in […]

Cutbacks at EDN

The seven-year rolling recession/depression that’s pounding the electronics-publishing business has apparently claimed more victims. The industry’s top design book, EDN, reportedly has laid off at least four senior staffers and managers, two from editorial and two from the business side. I haven’t confirmed the names yet, though, so for now will err on the side […]

Gisele Bundchen, wine and media maturation

It’s all starting to come together for me. We’ve written (all of us) about how the media (old and new) are evolving. We all have our pet theories and time will tell of course. But the value of each reinforced itself this morning as i read Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher’s Wine Notes column in […]

SI swimsuit porn

Quite a little storm brewing this Valentine’s Day over the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. This year it should be called the SI Porn edition. Many photos of topless (and cleverly covered) women or naked and cleverly covered women. At least that’s what I hear. My wife’s hidden the issue, but she brought up the […]

CMP Media CEO watch

This is the week that CMP’s expected to name a new CEO to replace Steve Weitzner, who went to Ziff Davis Enterprise earlier this year. We reported earlier that electronics group chief Paul Miller, my former boss, jetted to London two weeks ago with other CEO short-listers. I’ve reached out to Paul a couple of […]

More on Sam "F*** You" Zell

The New York Observer quotes a source who offers more detail on Sam Zell’s meeting with the L.A. Times staff. He slammed ex-editor Jim O’Shea and said he’d be willing to take a 50-cent salary. I can only imagine the shiver that puts through the necks of B:B publishers everywhere.He did tell a reporter, who […]

Zell to Old Media: F*** You

Steve Borris reports on Tribune owner Sam Zell’s exchange with an old media reporter at a recent meeting. The video’s below.As Borris writes: Never have more important, succinct, and eloquent words been spoken to Old Media journalists. Hopefully, for their own good, he now has their attention.

Facebook fatigue

The Register has a sobering piece on declining interest (apparently) in social-networking. There’s a lot at stake here. Everyone is making book that engaging users in social networks is the advertising Holy Grail they’ve been waiting for. To date, it hasn’t taken off and the user numbers don’t bode well (particularly if the U.S. economy […]

Newseum to open April 11

My first thought was that the news business is becoming so anachronistic it needs its own museum. My second thought was why can’t mainstream newspaper reporters get it: put a goddamned link in your story to things that are relevant. The WaPo story has no link to the Newseum online, a place from which I […]

Bills or blog? Bills or blog? Bills…

…or blog? Tough choice and a surprising one given that I’ve been sitting at my laptop for nine hours just writing. I’m putting together a new-media guidebook for a client on a short deadline, so I cranked on it today. There’s few things I enjoy more than writing, even client stuff. Someday, somehow I will […]

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