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UPDATE: CMP Media CEO watch

Posted on | February 27, 2008 | No Comments

(Afternoon update to the update) Sources at CMP’s Manhasset headquarters say the CEO announcement is set for Friday. Rumors are myriad and flying, including the company will be broken up into pieces.

Folio magazine is reporting that CMP Media could name its new CEO, to replace Steve Weitzner, before week’s end. We’ll see on the timing; earlier the announcement was expected the second week of February. Mediawire is crossing its fingers that Tony Uphoff gets the nod. Weitzner brought Uphoff back to CMP a couple of years ago. He’s a strong candidate, as is my old boss, Paul Miller, but Miller’s ascension would leave the CMP electronics group without strong leadership in the short term. Miller has transformed the group, pushing it through acquisition into more research, analysis and marketing-services, but it’s a good bet he’s not finished getting all the new pieces to fit together the way he wants.
Meanwhile, one anonymous commenter to an earlier post on the topic wrote:

Tony Uphoff is telling his friends both inside and outside of the company he has the job. At the same time much of the company’s top talent are openly talking to each other about getting out if he gets the nod.

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