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UPDATE: The Breakup of CMP Media

Caught up with new TechInsights CEO Paul Miller today to get the scoop on the breakup of CMP into four companies reporting directly to parent United Business Media. He’d taken umbrage at my line “same sheep, different clothing,” he but was nice enough to jaw on the phone for a bit. So here’s his take. […]

The breakup of CMP Media

CMP Media announced today not one new CEO but four as it broke up the once-integrated high-tech publisher into four separate companies. The four new companies are TechWeb, Everything Channel, Techinsights and Think Services.Analyst and consultant Sam Whitmore, who has a quickie analysis this morning, outlines the lay of the land: TechWeb, under CEO Tony […]

UPDATE: CMP Media CEO watch

(Afternoon update to the update) Sources at CMP’s Manhasset headquarters say the CEO announcement is set for Friday. Rumors are myriad and flying, including the company will be broken up into pieces. Folio magazine is reporting that CMP Media could name its new CEO, to replace Steve Weitzner, before week’s end. We’ll see on the […]

The value of free

Wired Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson is getting a little play this week because of some buzz over his forthcoming book, which he hasn’t titled but has said it’s loosely called “Freeconomics,” set for release next year. (Not to be confused with the very entertaining book “Freakonomics.”) Anderson is giving himself a little pre-publishing lift by dedicating […]

Objectivity reconsidered

Steve Boriss takes Time Managing Editor Rick Stengel to task today. Stengel wonders whether newspapers should be taking sides: How can a newspaper be objective on the front page when it endorses a candidate on the editorial page? It’s easy. Just call yourself The Wall Street Journal. Somehow–gosh, call it discipline–The Journal has managed to […]

Reed Business Info on the block

Reed Elsevier said today it would divest its Reed Business Information unit “to reduced its exposure to cyclical advertising markets,” according to Reuters. RBI owns EDN, among other technology titles, which have been hit by industry consolidation and the advertising downturn.The Guardian reports such a sale could be worth 1.3 billion pounds.

Coarse culture

Juvenility is creeping into the media, which comes as a surprise to few. The Phoenix’s Adam Reilly has a good look at slimy activities within the Fourth Estate. We can’t go back to the era of Walter Cronkite et al., when revered newsmen delivered measured pronouncements to a worshipful public. But we can try to […]

More cuts at Bay Area newspapers

On the heels of the AdAge report that stated the obvious, the Bay Area News Group announced it has asked virtually its entire staff of 1,100 for voluntary buyouts. This time it’s only partly about the old-media meltdown. In the Bay Area, the housing collapse is hammering ad sales. “Almost without exception, real estate forecasters […]

Media workforce sinks to 15-year low

I guess I’m the poster child for this transition. AdAge reports that people are bailing (or getting fired) from media work, while the ranks of marketing are rising. Here’s the reason behind the disparity: Marketers still invest in marketing, but they have options far beyond paid media: digital initiatives, direct marketing, promotions and events, just […]

What happens now

Nothing like a three-day weekend after a significant industry layoff to allow time to think about what it all means (and yeah, I DO think about that stuff on the weekends). Clearly the death-by-a-thousand-cuts strategy is continuing in the electronics trade press. First off, apologies. My big-dogs biases got the best of me last week […]

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