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Leaving on a jet plane

Sources say (and he confirms) that Paul Miller, one of the CMP executives whose hat is in the ring for the company’s CEO post, will be flying to London Jan. 31. He’s expected to be there for two weeks. That’s the headquarters of UBM, the British company that owns CMP. Whether UBM CEO David Levin […]

I miss Nixon

My wife called out this New York Times photo because of the look on Bush’s face during this morning’s economic-stimulus press conference (with Mr. Happy behind him). What’s worse was the video of the news conference, which I watched during my morning workout. Bush looked like his mother died. He was listless, which really screwed […]

A Different Oscars This Year?

The Oscars night is in up in the air because of the writer’s strike. Oh boo-hoo: we might not have the 2013th self-indulgent awards show for people who get paid $10-$20 million to stand in front of a camera and recite lines.Here’s a tissue.I hope the writers bring the industry to its knees. No writers; […]

CMP CEO could be named soon; Weitzner reorgs ZDE

Word is that CMP Media will name a new CEO the second week of February to replace Steve Weitzner, who was moved aside in a management shuffle and then left last week for competitor Ziff Davis Enterprise. It appears that most of the higher-ups have their hats in the ring. That would be Phil Chapnick […]

A newspaper’s soul

Rupert Murdoch is getting his feet wet at the Wall Street Journal, and that’s got some staffers trembling. First it was killing the subscription model. But now he’s scaling back that ambition. Now it’s the possible death of the newspaper’s Leder story, the legendary page 1 story each day (remember Susan Faludi’s Pulitzer-winning story […]

You are what you click on

Great essay at AdAge today from Simon Dumenco who analyzes Nick Denton’s pay-per-click editorial model at Gawker Media. It’s inevitable that this model begins to take hold, at least in some parts. But does it work? Perhaps in the short run it helps pump up page views and therefore ad inventory, but it can have […]

Joys of working

Part of my job requires a fair amount of web surfing to divine trends and learn tips and tricks of the trade. It’s almost as good as been a video-game tester. I come across some really entertaining stuff, fer instance: Web domain names gone wild. It’s in the eye of the beholder. Man saves beer, […]

Steve Weitzner, Tomb Raider?

Media Wire Daily posts an interesting take on Steve Weitzner’s departure from CMP to Ziff Davis Enterprise. It posits that Weitzner had no contract at CMP and therefore could poach a lot of talent from CMP. One big thing wrong with that: A lot of talent has already left CMP, either willingly or not. The […]

Roger Clemens takes more heat

In December with the release of the Mitchell Report on steroid use in baseball, I posited that Roger Clemens would get far more lenient treatment in the media than legendary bad boy Barry Bonds. Well, happily, I may be wrong. Gene Wojciechowski posted a scathing piece on Clemens logic that’s worth reading. Among the points, […]

Google covers New Hampshire

Google came up with a very nice Google mapping feature for yesterday’s vote returns.

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