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Does news matter? Let’s hope so-Part 2

Posted on | January 23, 2008 | 34 Comments

Some of the most compelling stuff on this blog is the comments, usually from the hard-core Ghost chasers. Today’s no exception, as a trio of these guys, Lou Covey (nice site redesign, btw), Brian Santo and Loring Wirbel, weighed in on yesterday’s post.

Covey: “If you can’t make it in a newsroom you generally can’t make a career of writing.”
Santo: “The fact is that many professional journalists are bad practitioners of journalism. Maybe if they were better, people would find newspapers relevant.”
Wirbel: “Who pays for maintaining useful national/world coverage? The Economist can’t subsidize the entire literate world knowing the status of Kenya Kikuyus, for example.”

The light at the end of the tunnel for me, at least, is this: evolutions happen. And things find their place just the way rivers and land masses co-exist again after a flood. The water finds its path; the flora finds its banks. Until the next time.
For the purposes of this discussion, the ethos of journalism could (could) evolve itself from people paid to practice it to those who have day jobs (military, tourists, NGOs, whatever). The democratized web and their imperative to be a part of the cultural conversation (because they grew up with that notion) makes them the 21st century’s reporters. And we all get used to it. And we all use it.

What nags at me is this: cultural and technological evolution got us to a point 150 years ago where we could afford to pay people to write dispassionately (that’s always the goal) about events that affect us. The food on their table depended on adhering to objectivity or gnawing away at the heels of the well-to-do and powerful to uncover wrongdoing. Regardless of the passion of citizen journalists, whatever form it takes, you can’t do quality, digging, enterprising journalism if you have another job.
There’s the rub.
The guy pictured to the left is A.B. Adair, an editor with the old Chicago Daily News. I found him years ago while trolling through the fabulous Library of Congress American Memory collection, which includes hundreds of Chicago Daily News prints.
We complain, and rightly so, of entrenched, head-in-the-sand modern newspaper editors who didn’t comprehend and appreciate what the Internet was going to do their world. That’s a valid criticism.
But there is Adair’s stare. It’s timeless. It transcends media types. A lot of you worked your first jobs with his virtual great-grandsons and daughters. They poured over every page of every edition. You misspelled a word, put a preposition at the end of a sentence or, God forbid, blew a fact, you never forgot that lashing.
Adair’s stare says it all. Do not abuse the public trust. It’s bigger than you and I.
This is why news matters.

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34 Responses to “Does news matter? Let’s hope so-Part 2”

  1. wretch
    January 24th, 2008 @ 5:13 pm

    Paul Miller is correct: context and analysis are the value that a professional can add (citizen journalists/bloggers are capable of that, even if they do have day jobs).

    But the other impetus in news is getting it to readers fast. Newspapers have been losing that game to TV for 20 years, and now they’re in third place behind the Web, and yet that’s the game newspapers keep trying to play — a scoop is still more valued than an insight.

    So papers probably should try to thrive on analysis. Yet fewer and fewer reporters are any good at learning anything, and even less adept at analysis (that seems to be a population-wide trend, but maybe I’m just being a curmudgeon). Thus we get horse-race coverage of the election, after being promised we wouldn’t get just horse-race coverage of the election.

    I’m getting better news about local (Oregon) politics from a handful local blogs than I get from the local daily, because the bloggers frequently actually go out in the field, do the legwork, read the documents. And some of them have day jobs.

    — Brian Santo

  2. Lou Covey
    January 24th, 2008 @ 7:10 pm

    That’s interesting, wretch, because I just started my own local-issues blog ( The initial response has been really surprising. I’m taking a single issue at a time and analyzing what is being said by both sides. It feels like old times again.

  3. Kerri
    January 25th, 2008 @ 8:27 am

    I still remember the note Frank left on my desk one night, before press time (one of the rare times he was still there, but I had gone home), about a hed I’d written that was just BADDY BAD BAD WRONG WRONG.

    That was, what, twenty years ago? I’ll never forget it, and always appreciate it.

    I’m still hung up on this ‘what is a journalist’ thing. People who ‘report news’ are not what I’d consider ‘journalists’. Anyone with a keyboard and an intertube can report news — which is basically just regurgitating something that someone said, or a press release, or whatever.

    I was talking to our school department’s former director of transportation last night. We have massive problems trying to get all our kids to school around here, so much so that some elementary schoolers get home in the winter after dark. Not good. The new guy, he uses computer models to create his bus routes. The retired guy, he used some computer models as guides (although he started in the 60s, so he was used to doing it by hand). What was his secret to getting all the kids to and home from school at decent times?

    Every year, he rode each bus, at least once. Not only did he know, on paper, where the kids lived and where the buses went — he SAW how it was going. Would stopping at the end of this street, two houses down, make a difference? Would doing this neighborhood first save a few minutes on the other end?

    The current guy doesn’t get out of his chair. He doesn’t look past his computer. He creates the bus routes, and the kids get to and from school. But you can’t know the real story unless you get your ass out of the chair, look people in the eye, and ask the tough questions.

    NO ONE does that anymore. If you do it in mass market, you lose your advertising, and then you lose your job. If you do it on a blog…well…no one does it on a blog, so who cares? Find me a dispassionate blogger.


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    June 10th, 2008 @ 7:41 pm

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