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The joy of books

We had a feature in the house I grew up in that I have not seen in any other house I’ve ever visited. My old man had a dictionary in our dining room, which functioned as a family room as well. That we had a dictionary isn’t remarkable, but he put ours on a small […]

New editor at The Chronicle

Welcome a new editor with a great name to the helm of the San Francisco Chronicle. Ward Bushee was named to the slot, to begin Feb. 1, last Friday. He replaces Phil Bronstein who moved up in the Hearst organization. Bushee, from the Arizona Republic, is said to have some pretty good online experience, which […]

Columbia’s Bollinger suggests government bail out press

Stupider ideas have been put forth. Maybe.Steve Boriss at The Future of News amplifies the chatter coming out of Davos that Lee Bollinger, President of Columbia University, which has the nation’s premier J-School, suggests that the government step in to help struggling old media. Arrington’s on the case too. This is the same Lee Bollinger […]

Does news matter? Let’s hope so-Part 3

Kerri Hicks jumped on the Does News Matter chatter. She has reprised a great post—just what exactly is a journalist today?—in a comment. Must read. Great example. “You can’t know the real story unless you get your ass out of the chair, look people in the eye, and ask the tough questions.” Then comes Eric […]

Wailing wall

Lou Covey yesterday posted a sad entry on State of the Media listing many of the editors in his world who’ve moved on just in the past year. Go back 18 months and it’s starker.Now, he says, bloggers are getting the axe.

S.F. Chronicle’s future brightens

Things are definitely looking up this morning at the San Francisco Chronicle. Phil Bronstein, the editor who turned a decent broadsheet into a stupefying tabloid, is moving on. Bronstein, who once had a foot nearly gnawed off when he tried to befriend a Komodo Dragon, will be taking broader strategic responsibilities at Hearst, which owns […]

Does news matter? Let’s hope so-Part 2

Some of the most compelling stuff on this blog is the comments, usually from the hard-core Ghost chasers. Today’s no exception, as a trio of these guys, Lou Covey (nice site redesign, btw), Brian Santo and Loring Wirbel, weighed in on yesterday’s post. Covey: “If you can’t make it in a newsroom you generally can’t […]

Does news matter? Let’s hope so

We interrupt coverage of Heath Ledger’s death to bring you David Simon’s opinion in the Washington Post today, Does News Matter to Anyone Anymore?It’s a fine essay from an ex-reporter, whose most painful comparison is to ask whether American newspapers can be cmopared to “the inert monopolists of early 1970s Detroit, who thought that Pacers […]

Support the writers: ignore the Oscars

This morning we edged closer to the precipice of Hollywood glory as the Oscar nominations were announced. While I would dearly miss Mike and Suz Lipman’s annual Oscar-night bash at their pad, I’ll take one for the team if that’s what it takes to help the writers union win this battle. Ben Widdicombe, in the […]

L.A. Times loses another editor

James O’Shea got his walking papers as editor of the L.A. Times, the third top editor to leave in three years. Why? Disagreement over $4 million in ordered budget cuts.But in fact, O’Shea should be promoted, shouldn’t he? Sam Zell, real estate mogul, bought the Tribune Co., which owns The Times, last year. Last week, […]

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