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Bonds indicted on perjury, obstruction of justice charges

Content is free and content is king

Content’s going free if it’s published by the Wall Street Journal. Rupert Murdoch has announced that he’s more than willing to dump $50 million in online subscription fees from a million registered users in exchange for what could be 15 times the audience and the interest of King Kong advertisers. Jeff Jarvis at Buzzmachine thinks […]

Well I’ll be damned…

I railed against CNN earlier this year when it cuts ties to Reuters and then piled on when it got beat on an Osama bin Laden video distributed first by Reuters. Today, comes word that it appears CNN is keeping its word. In shunning Reuters, CNN’s Nigel Pritchard said the organization was going to invest […]

That was the way it was

The television news landscape today is filled to overflowing with with the egomaniacal, vapid, insensitive and just plain stupid. More than 26 years ago, Walter Cronkite passed the baton, as he put it, to Dan “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth” Rather at the CBS Evening News. Little did I realize, as we watched that last episode […]

Boston in November

I rolled into Boston last night for an overnighter and a meeting today at Blanc & Otus’ Beantown Branch. Walked off the plane needing to hook up with a couple of people and found my T-Mobilized crackberry to be out of service. Turns out they decided to shut down 10 of our phones for some […]

Big waves, long-term effects

There’s something to the recent Open Social (Google et al) and Facebook moves that come under the broader heading open platforms. It’s really going to change a media landscape that’s only just now settled, and there’s a certain frustration about that, but what the hell. It is what it is: life is asynchronous.We put food […]

I aren’t a new-media douchebag (yet)

Look, I do love new media. I really do. But it’s chasing butterflies in an Alpine meadow. Let’s face it: there’s really no end game any more in new media. Thanks to the open source movement, media applications will be created ad infinitum, each one juking this way and that and the most eager among […]

Say it ain’t so, Matty

The reputation blood-letting in Major League Baseball continues today with a San Francisco Chronicle story that our beloved ex-Giant Matt Williams has been linked to performance-enhancing drugs. Oh, and Jose Guillen and Ismael Call Me Ismael Valdez too. Reporters Lance Williams Mark Fainaru-Wada originally broke this story a year ago when someone leaked the Balco […]

Aftermath of the Weitzner move at CMP

So it was pointed out quickly by former colleagues that United Business Media stock jumped at the news that Steve Weitzner moved aside as CMP CEO. Don’t care. All of CMP could go up in a hideous conflagration and the stock would go up. It doesn’t matter what does or doesn’t make sense in the […]

Weitzner moves aside as CMP CEO

It was only a matter of time, but Steve Weitzner, one of the brightest minds in the publishing world, has become a casualty of the media chaos. BtoB is reporting today that he stepped aside as CEO of CMP Media LLC to run the company’s international business development.It was only a matter of time because […]

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