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Please look before you cross the street

About 10 years ago at the height of the early day-trading frenzy, a colleague of mine on a sister publication inserted himself into a day-trader chat group rant about a story his paper wrote. (If you’re from CMP’s Electronics Group, you know to whom I’m referring). He did so rather aggressively, and it blew up […]

Online Real Estate Ad Revenue to Eclipse Newspapers by 2012

Editor & Publisher reports this week more dire news for local newspapers.Today ad spending on real estate is down 3 percent for the year but accelerated 24 percent in the third quarter (mortgage meltdown, no doubt). Despite the dire news, dire headlines and breathless anticipation of Armageddon, it’s not all bad. What’s missing from these […]

Happy Thanksgiving


Will the center hold? Part 2

A few comments have rolled in since that posting late last week about the latest moves at CMP Media. I should emphasize a couple of points from that post, especially the parts where I suggested radical change.I do think radical change has to come to traditional B:B publishing houses. It’s almost too late to implement […]

The future (suggested retail price $199)

Lots ‘o buzz around the $199 Everex desktop PC that Wal-Mart is selling. It sold out but now is listed as in stock on the Wal-Mart site. The reviews have been widespread and for the most part very upbeat on this Linux-based baby. The only thing that doesn’t come with it is a display (and […]

Falling, falling, falling

Newspaper ad revenues down again in the third quarter. Would love to see how it breaks between big city dailies and specialty newspapers, mostly weeklies in those cities.

Read this (or not)

The news in the communications just keeps getting worse. But this dispatch from the Associated Press tolls a mournful bell for our society as a whole: an increasing number of adult Americans don’t read a single book in a given year. One one in three of those with bachelor’s degrees are considered proficient readers of […]

Yeah, yeah, we all got problems.

Will the center hold?

Man, it’s a busy Friday!Word from inside the CMP Death Star in Manhasset today is that Adam Marder (x’d out on the right in this MediaWire Daily photo montage) , the company’s CFO, is out, on the heels of Steve Weitzner’s side-step from the CEO office a couple of weeks ago. Weitzner brought back Marder, […]

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