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The New Media

I’ve been so friggin’ busy the last few days that I’ve gone into posting drought and missed a key historical date. Last Friday, Oct. 26, was the anniversary of the last day the Pony Express operated in the West. The legendary service stopped in 1861, just two days after the eastward and westward construction of […]

It must be Friday

From the Associate Press:

Fun and games: Avoid the Reporters

Doing research today for (which, as the gods would have it, is a client), I was rolling through their games section, a treasure-trove of stuff! Avoid the Reporters is one of many dry-humor games.And then Loring Wirbel sent over this Onion video report on the presidential campaign. Priceless.Poll: Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For […]

The newspaper habit

A while back I wrote about not having a newspaper subscription for a time–mostly my post-CMP hiatus. Today, Farhad Manjoo goes a step further in Why I miss the dead-tree newspaper.

Pop goes the bubble

The buzz is increasing in the past two months that the Web 2.0 bubble is about to burst. Hard to argue with it when we’re seeing the same dynamics (how many web dog food vendors to you need) that we saw in 2000.Web 2.0 conference came and went last week and it didn’t seem too […]

One helluva day in media

Insteresting alignment of stars in the past 24 hours. Morgan Stanley has bailed out of its New York Times ownership. It owned 7 percent of Times stock, and Hassan Elmasry, the managing director of Morgan Stanley Investment Management, tried and failed to get the Sulzberger family to ditch the tiered stock ownership program that’s frustrated […]

The Future of E-Paper

The Future of Things has a great primer on e-paper this week. It’s been 35 years in the making, and, like certain types of non-volatile memory development may be another 35 years in the making. But it’s worth paying attention to. People see it as the saving grace of the dying newsprint business, but as […]

Can newspapers not suck….?

…This is the question posed today by Roy Peter Clark at Poynter. He writes:In my opinion, the newspapers I most often read not only do not suck, but are better than they have ever been: I’m thinking Atlanta, St. Pete, New Orleans, Portland (Oregon), Newark, Seattle, Fort Lauderdale, Raleigh, just to name a few.It’s a […]

State of the press release

Lou Covey has a very thoughtful post on his State of the Media blog about the State of the Press Release.In short, Lou says press releases are ignored (still) by the media except when the media misses an interesting story that began as a press release, and then they scream bloody murder. The reason press […]

The shifting landscape

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–I spent the last couple of days down here in the sun listening to speakers talk about all things digital. The gathering was Hill and Knowlton’s first Digipalooza gather of digital mavens from around the world. (H&K owns Blanc & Otus, so I got an invite).The highlights? Definitely three. Paul Gillin, who wrote “The […]

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