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Times kills online fee program; the zen koan of no content

You could kind of sense it was going down from the start, but then again you never want to underestimate the Gray Lady. The folks in midtown have done a remarkable job, really, getting their heads into the digital age. It’s not an easy proposition for an old-line media company and they’ve done well… better […]

Maureen Dowd comes to the tech press

My old EE Times colleague, Alex Wolfe, one of the most talented writers in the tech industry, has gone Maureen Dowd on us, in a good way. Dowd, you probably know, is the New York Times columnist who tries to marry pop culture with politics. She’s done it, largely with success, for many years, but […]

Monday morning

Max Kalehoff at OnLine Spin puts in a good word for something we tend to overlook in the digital diatribe over print: people.The Wall Street Journal will debut a new magazine called Pursuits.And the Economist does what it’s always done, leave the fluff to others.

The Sunday paper

Earlier this week, I wrote about going without a paper for a while. Today, our first Sunday New York Times showed up just in time for coffee and reading before the start of the Niners-Rams game early. It was great to see it lying, enrobed in blue plastic, in the driveway. With Malcolm still snoozing, […]

A feeling of dread

If you’re a San Francisco Giants fan, there is a dread that’s starting to sink in, and the season’s not even over. No, it’s not the team’s awful performance this season. It’s not that the Gyros are 16.5 games out in the West. It’s not that the bullpen continues to struggle, that Brad Hennessy has […]

Assessing USA Today

I ripped USA Today this summer. Editor & Publisher offers a piece that suggests it did better than many thought. Would have been nice to have balanced out the piece, but that’s just me.

Good news, bad news

Tonight I’m sitting at the dinner table on a lovely evening, eating by myself. Malcolm had already eaten. Heidi’s out of the country. My newspapers subscriptions have lapsed. What to do? I’m more than happy to go out locally or in other cities, a newspaper or the Economist under my arm and eat by myself, […]

Hsu me

The Norman Hsu campaign finance scandal gets better by the day. Not only is there something funny going on in his raising money through various apparent fronts for Hillary Clinton, but he may have taken in those modern-day wizards of finance, private-equity fund managers! Gosh! I thought those guys were brilliant! They’re changing the face […]

The other shoe at Dow Jones

Not for nothin’ does Rupert Murdoch love Dow Jones CEO Richard Zannino, who paved the way for staff cuts once News Corp. takes over.

CNN and its “resources”

CNN, which dumped Reuters after 27 years recently, wasted no time in showing why THAT was a stupid move. When the latest Osama Bin Laden tape came out last week, everyone seemed to have it except Ted Turner’s boys. That’s because the tape was obtained and distributed by, wait for it, Reuters.

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