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A feeling of dread

Posted on | September 16, 2007 | No Comments

If you’re a San Francisco Giants fan, there is a dread that’s starting to sink in, and the season’s not even over. No, it’s not the team’s awful performance this season. It’s not that the Gyros are 16.5 games out in the West. It’s not that the bullpen continues to struggle, that Brad Hennessy has blown three of his last five save opportunities, including a two-run lead Friday night. That’s the kind of stuff that has made Giants fans drink heavily already.
The feeling of dread that’s setting in is the offseason and the possibility that the Giants will pick up New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez (pictured here, not in bikini).
For some, this would be a godsend. For me, it would be another sign that the Giants organization just doesn’t get it; that another several years of mediocrity are in store.
Here’s how it works. The Giants part ways with Barry Bonds in the off season. “Thanks Barry for beating Hank Aaron in our park and driving ticket sales. Thanks for the memories.”
Ever mindful of having a marquee player to drive future sales, future licensing, jersey sales, posters, whatever, rather than build a marquee team to do the same, they’ll be looking at dropping millions on A-Rod. And we’ll be back to square one. A very talented but self-absorbed player who simply won’t add “T” to “team.”
The Giants simply won’t be able to help themselves. And why do I feel it today? Because today’as New York Times is already to starting be Adieu to Alex. Dan Rosenheck even calls out our current, light-hitting third-sacker, Pedro “Peter Happy” Feliz.
Oh the dread.

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